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I really love responsibility.

And I'm very responsible when I have to be.

I love being home at night and having to turn on lights when it gets dark. I do dishes and laundry without being asked. I love straightening out rugs that have gotten messed up, or pushing in couch cushions. I love arranging pillows.

But only when I have the house to myself.

I'm crazy, I know. But I just did dishes. And turned on the outside lights and cleaned up the mess from dinner. I straightened out the basement from when Zoe and I played Nintendo. I let her choose one of my DVDs to watch. (She picked How the Grinch Stole Christmas (the cartoon version, of course)...a bit out of season, but I don't ask questions.)

I might watch Evita later. Get another thing of my "weekend to-do list". The other is Starfarers, so I'd need Candace for that. Maybe tomorrow.

I was also thinking about taking Zoe to see The Powerpuff Girls Movie. It looks good, and I want to see it too. Maybe I'll drag Candace with us. I think it would be a fun little outting. And Mama would be proud. (She wanted me to take Zip mini-golfing today. In 90 degree heat. Me and the kid. Yeah, she's off her fucking rocker.)

So. I'm motivated and feeling very grown-up and babysitter/auntish. So much with the good.

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