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Hello, I've waited here for you. Everlong

I think today may have been the best day ever!

Okay, I exaggerate, but!!!

6 hours of West Wing!

I was in heaven. Jason brought over all the tapes of the second and third seasons, and because we forwarded through commercials, I think we watched something like 9 episodes.


Including the last three of the season (which I hadn't seen yet).


I love that show. I love Toby, and Josh, and Sam, and Leo, and Charlie, and Donna, and Ainsley (when she was on). And I love Aaron Sorkin. I would give him my first born child, if he asked.

And so, around the 2nd episode, Candace calls and I tell her "Jason and I are watching West Wing, but you can come if you want."

I tell the same thing to Rob when he calls and when he asks to invite John and Carly. (And Charlie, as I found out when he showed up out of no where.) But Rob misunderstood. When I said "watching old episodes of West Wing," I mean "watching old episodes of West Wing all night." He and Garvey bailed early.

Candace and Carly left at curfew, and Chazz left after playing Super Metroid. Ah, Super Nintendo. Those were the days.

And I'm awake!

Damn 12 hours of sleep!

I'll probably be back. Muahahaha!

Oh, note to self: Learn to read "eye". ;)

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