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There ain't no words to show you how I love you

The real post of the morning:

First, I really like this 3-minute-microwavable-spaghetti thing. It's so quick and easy. And judging by the containers, I have about 7 servings left. So it's a damn good thing.

I have a hunch, breakfast dinner and lunch, would be so fun to munch, if I had it with spaghetti. (Nadine or CRUNCH! can also be substituted here...)

Second, The Compleat Wrks of Wllm Shkspr (abridged) was funny. It was great to see a bunch of people I haven't seen since school ended. Summer Theatre is definitely the hangout of the week. I wish I could see Antigone tonight, but I have to babysit. [Daddy ended up staying home yesterday, which is how I got to go then. Tonight, it's just me and the kid...and whoever wants to drop by. Mama is expecting them to get home about 1AM. Sweet.]

After the play, we went to Rob's to hang out. Had to leave at 11 though, because his mom is insane about curfew. Even if you are over 18 and don't have a curfew, you need to leave. Hence the fact that I got home early, and went to bed insanely early.

But I got 12 hours of sleep. :) OVER 12 hours.

Oh, and how I was supposed to take Zoe to Day Camp, meaning getting up at 8 and getting her ready and leaving by about 8:15? Yeah, Mama decided to take her. So I got up, gave her directions and came back to sleep.

(Hey, I didn't say it was 12 hours straight, but damn close.)

Oh, and I really like how healthy I feel after giving up all that junk stuff. Like, I've been drinking water 24-7, and it's crazy.

Cause I don't think I mentioned it, things I gave up:
-Caffeine (and all products containing it)
-Chocolate (technically included in caffeine)
-Soda (both caffeinated and not)

I've been meaning to give up soda forever. And now I have. Permanently, with any luck.

And I still need to buy shampoo/conditioner. Hopefully before my shower. I should do that now. Hrm.

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