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First, I welcome ladymissdiva to the wild world of my friend's page! ;)

Second, note to self:
-Go to Target and buy shampoo and conditioner, you dumbass. You've known you were going to run out for a week, and your hair is going to look terrible tomorrow if you don't get your ass in gear.

10 bands you've seen live:
*Matchbox Twenty
*Barenaked Ladies
*Five For Fighting
*Dixie Chicks
*Evan and Jaron
*Train (opening act)
*Smashmouth (opening act)

9 things you're looking forward to
*Allie coming home
*seeing the summer theatre show tonight
*getting some sleep...eventually
*Monday, when I'll be done babysitting
*getting money...eventually
*buying some new CDs
*watching old episodes of West Wing!
*getting the Senior Picture proofs
*Candace buying me ice cream

8 things that you wear daily
*puzzle ring
*loopy earrings
*cartilage stud, and other earring
*pants...usually ;)
*shirt...of some sort

7 things that annoy you
*close-minded people
*organized religion
*my computer

6 things you touch every day
*my hair
*cell phone
*CD player

5 things you do every morning
*sleep in
*eat lunch
*get dressed
*check email
Side note: most of this is actually accomplished afternoon.

4 people you'd like to spend more time with
*Friends (specifically Amanda)
*Cici (it's been forever since I've seen her. I swear!)
*My mom...err...yeah. Sorta.
*The rest of my family

3 movies you could watch over and over
*Almost Famous
*Empire Records

2 of your favourite songs at the moment
*"Girl Like That" - Matchbox 20
*"Heartbreak Town" - Dixie Chicks

1 person you could spend the rest of your life with
*I don't know. I don't think I've met him/her yet.

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