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Just got home...time to watch Teen Choice Awards....and comments irrationally

*JC is definitely on something. Man is that boy giddy.
*Steve Fatone is sitting behind Joey (and looking extremely bored after the Moulin Huge skit.
*3 of the Teen Choice Breakthrough people have opened for NSYNC (Meredith, Christina Milina and Dante Thomas)
*And 3LW, Dream and Eden's Crush are there (they also were opening acts).
*Yippy for NSYNC on Choice Single - and Choice Album - and Choice Concert...
*JC is insane (to Lance) "Talk! Talk! Talk!" [Trying to promote his sweetie?!?]
*Justin's in the back (good)
*JC's "Thanks guys!" was funny. That boy needs to relax though.
*If that's all the boys are on, I can tape over the other hour and 50 minutes. That would be good. Such a waste of tape.
*So torn...TV Personality...Carson or Jimmy. I love them both....the winner is: Carson. That was predictable. Yeah Carson! (Although it makes me think that he's in a plot
*What the hell is Aaron Carter wearing on his feet?
*Do you think performing bad songs for little kids with his brother makes Nick feel inferior (well, I mean more so than being 2nd best boyband.)
*Yippy for Julia Stiles (sucks that it had to be for a bad movie though. 10 Things, now there was a great flick)
*Two random thoughts...I wish I knew if NSYNC were going to ge on again...and I still haven't gotten my free Hit-Clip from Snapple. Whores.
*Choice Rock Track...yeah Aerosmith, and Lifehouse, I wouldn't be able to choose. 50+ years old, and they are still hot. Joe Perry is amazing! I will miss Steven when he's quiet.
*I don't like Mariah, but I think it's horrible for Carrot Top to be making fun of her when she's really sick. Also, I don't find him funny at all.
*Brit looked cute at the awards
*7th Heaven is going to win, because they were featured in the "who's here catagory"...I was right. They announced it. 3LW, the Cast of 7th Heaven...I love Barry Wilson. He smells good
*Fast Forward through Usher...he's cute, but I don't like his music.
*Yeah commercial for Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back
*Yeah Ben! Poor drug-addicted baby. I still love him though. He looks good scruffy. Get better soon, honey!
*Britney's going to win Choice Female...and she did.
---They really shouldn't tell you who wins in the opening credits. They listed people there as being the Cast of 7th Heaven, Ben Affleck, Britney, far, they've been the winners. Geez guys, be a little more obvious next time.---
*Awww! Cutie Juppy and Pinky kiss. They are so adorable!
*So many audience clips of the puppies, but I don't think it's worth keeping this on tape.
*Legally Blond will win for Choice Movie because Reese was in the opening credits (okay, I know I've made my point...I will shut up now).
*Ouch...the Pam Anderson "I love rock groups, they're definitely up my alley" - that was just wrong. Funny but wrong. Blink will win (credits)
*I never made the connection...Michelle Tracktenburg from Buffy was in Harriet the Spy.
*I can't believe Freddie Prinze is going out with Rat Girl. But, oh!!! "My inspiration for achieving my goals is Freddie." That's adorable. (not as cute as Jup and Brit though).
*Justin is Choice Hottie....I guess I can see that.
*The skit with Chris Kattan was not good enough to save. It'll be taped over as soon as I finish watching the show
*I wanna be Sandra..hug all the boys...and why was Joey (and Chris Kattan) the only one to get a kiss?? Huh? Huh?
*JoJo was there, where was KC?
* would you like to be introduced as "Bionce's sister, Solange?" That would suck.
*Meredith seems a little old to be in that Breakthrough group.
*Mandy Moore doesn't look good. Honey, bad hair, bad shirt, no good over all.
*Yeah JC for standing for Destiny (then the other NSYNCers for joining). [Of course it was obvious they didn't win otherwise it would have been announced with Single, Album and Concert.]

Overall, that was not worth the trouble.

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