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You walk behind me and I don't think I can lead

Camping: Makes everyone into bitches. We are all fed up, but someone needs to take control.

Now it's up to me. Do I...a) go the weekend I want to so that I can have the house to myself the weekend before, and so that we have 6 instead of 7 people. Or b) go the weekend that others want to, despite my rejection toward it and the fact that we will have too many people. And that it's a week away and we have done shit to prepare.

Fuck me.

If my eyes weren't so dry from last night, I'd probably be bawling again.


But Senior pictures are over. A lot better than I assumed. The photographer was extremely nice too.

And I'm going to go up to Cici's to take some of the pictures I took with her camera and shrink them down from the HUGE ASS RESOLUTION they were on. I uploaded a few to the new website and it was bigger than a fucking background. And I don't like seeing myself that huge.

So yes. Off to Cici's. Cut myself off from everyone who's pissing me off, with any luck.

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