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I go out everynight and sleep all day, since you took your love away

Well. Last night was fun.

Actually, the concert was pretty okay. I love sitting on Ravinia lawn because you just bring a crap load of food and blankets and sit around and talk the whole time.

The only thing I don't like is how it doesn't feel like you are at a concert, because you can't see anything. They could have been playing a CD over the speakers for all I know.

It's also funny because you are in the middle of the North Shore, so there are all these adults (mostly adults, in fact. Older. Not like 20's, but like 40's) sitting around drinking wine and eating cheese on french bread. Then there are the college students who sit around getting drunk on beer.

Either way, it's a lot of fun. And there was this mega hottie near us. Not my type, but still gorgeous.

Then the badness started and all went downhill. We left around 10:45 (right after 'Runaround') to try and beat the crowds that would be staying for the encore. And Rob had to be home by curfew because his mother is insane. So I high-tailed it out of there.

I don't know. I just got really upset, and down, and I ended up crying for about an hour. I was bitchy and cynical, and just generally felt really alone. And all was bad.

I basically cried myself to sleep around 1, and woke up this morning at 9.

I'm going to look fantastic in Senior Pictures today. And I can't decide if I should do the 7 pose, one outfit set, or the 11 pose, two outfit set. I'd like to do the 11 pose, because some are full body and I think that would be fun, but I don't know what to wear for my second outfit. It was hard enough finding a first outfit.

Bah. I still have 3 and a half hours to decide.

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