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I had to drive away, far away till you could not find me

You can tell how hectic a day will be by the amount of email in your inbox.

9. In about 10 hours.

Granted about 6 were from Amanda...really bad political cartoons. That I don't agree with. :-\ I like the "no 'under god'" ruling.

But whatever.

Things to do today:
-Go to Cici's to transfer digital pictures onto a disk
-Do my nails for Senior Pictures tomorrow. Purple. Definitely purple.
-Try again to get a webpage through If that works, upload a bunch of pictures of my room that I took yesterday.
-Find snacks and make a sandwich for dinner.
-Pick up Candace by about 3:30, so we can go to Ravinia at 4 when gates open and reserve our spot for Blues Traveler.

I should be excited about that. Blues Traveler tonight! Eh, something about it being at Ravinia is terribly anti-climatic.

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