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So busy....

I can't believe all I've been up to recently. My phone has practically been ringing off the hook. I had to make my niece mac and cheese for lunch (which takes forever). Then I had to give Zoe a bath. After which, I took my shower. It feels like I haven't sat down in hours (I don't think I actually have).

*sigh* But now I have some down time, in which I decided to update journal. Yippy!

Later, I have to go to Target. Must pick up some blank VHS tapes (so I can tape the Teen Choice Awards. I will fast-forward through everything buy NSYNC, so it's a waste of 3 hours, but I'm going to be out tonight). I also need gum, frappuccino, AAA batteries, and I think that was it. Gah, I don't think I have money for this. Wait! I have $30. Score! But I also need to buy dinner tonight, and we might be going to "Paint 'n' Party", though I really don't want to. Maybe I just won't buy anything to paint.

I enjoy Mandy Moore's video for crush. I think it's cute. Damn it. First Britney, then Jessica, and now Mandy? This has got to stop.

Think I'm gonna watch Josie and the Pussycats. I still haven't had an opportunity to watch it yet.

Then after that, I'll have to go quickly to Target. I have to be to Lewis's house by 5:30. So little time....

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