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The Today Show

So I set the TV to turn on at 7, and during his opening spiel, Matt Lauer said NSYNC would be on at 8:30. So I set the TV timer to 8:15, rolled over, and went back to sleep.

The TV turns on again, and I grab the remote (well, flail my arm around until my hand finds it.) At 8:24, the boys come on and I tape and only half watch. I'll go back and re-watch it after they sing "Bye, Bye, Bye".

I finally "woke" up when the stupid camera man cut off JC during the Diva Hips part of "Pop".

Finished watching Gone, then crappily recorded the weather. I figured I wouldn't need to record that part, but of course Al Rocker was talking to Lance and Joey before it, and Justin added his two-cents on the weather map. I wish I would have just let the tape run. Damn.

I'm now patiently waiting for the boys to come back on at the end. I thought it ended at 9, apparently I was wrong. I really don't want to be watching "how to manage your debt" with Danial Somebody with Newsweek. Blah. I can't even get a credit card, so I don't really care about that.

[me stepping away from the computer because I have nothing substanceful to say about the Today Show right now]

"Bye, Bye, Bye" was the same as it always is, but it's still good. I'm tired and will now be taking a nap.


Aug. 20th, 2001 08:28 am (UTC)
"We've got lightening, Al!"

I stopped my tape too! I was so mad when I heard Justin adding his 2 cents in for the weather report.

I didn't like having to watch the today show for 3 hours just to see bad camera angles and barely any camera shots of JC. I want to smack those camera people... I didn't wake up to see girls in the audience, dammit!

Sleep deprived with lust filled eyes for JC

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