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I still really like my new icons.

Zoe and I were belting out Dixie Chicks in the car on the way home. Very funny. She was also reading me the "newspaper". A bear ate a little girl's heart and there was a lost fish add. Very sad stuff.

I told her I'd let her stay up late tonight if she was good. Shh! Don't tell Cici! *wink*

It's going to be a fun night. And she got a Pixie Stik at school. Not a normal sized one. A GIANT HUGE TUBE ONE. Blue, no less. I only let her have half (the other half is for Mikey, when he gets here. Oy), which she dumped into a glass of water. Oh well, she probably won't drink it and will have less sugar in her system.

I might be making pasta for dinner.

And waiting for friends to show up. Not sure who, or when. I've been encouraging coming after 9, so that Mikey's dad has come and gone and I don't feel like a bad babysitter/aunt. Oh well.

All is good.

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