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This world can turn me down, but I won't turn away.

Camping. Again with the issues. I swear, if we just un-invited all the girls going, the trip would fly without a hitch. Girls suck. And they are evil too.

I was going to use my Britney icon on some comment and realized that I don't like it anymore. I need a new one.

And I'm getting bored with a lot of mine, so there might be a whole new icon upheaval later. It's going to be crazy. Just you wait.

And yes, I went back to sleep and woke up at noon, which should be a social norm, because no one EVER should have to wake up before about 10:30. The world would be a better place if it didn't.

And I cannot write a normal sentence right now, so I'll just go on my merry way until I find my gift for words again. Ahahaha. Ahem. Right...

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