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How would I know that this could be my fate

This was funny.

John: go to sleep, you have a big day tomorrow
Me: Big day, eh?
John: yes
Me: Well, I have to babysit at night. And I'm having people over. Is that big?
John: no, you dont know about the big event yet
Me: Nope
John: it involves a meteor, Deerfield, and running really fast. I can't say anything else at this time though
Me: Are we being attacked by an asteroid? I knew I should've started watching the news more. Damn. Oh well
John: actually, now that i consider the facts, talking to your friends might do you well
John: carry on
Me: Ha ha. Thanks John
John: ok, goodnight
Me: Night

He's a funny kid. And apparently there's an Armaggedon heading for Deerfield tomorrow. Heh. Who knew?

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