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Is there something more than what I've been handed?


I want my Candace and my Allie back.

Stupid everyone and their stupid commitments.

And the damn camping thing is a problem AGAIN.


Me: I think this is one of those days I should have stayed in bed for.
Jason: why's that?
Jason: you accomplished stuff today
Me: Nothing's going right. And yes, accomplished but didn't feel very accomplished.
Jason: i hate it when that happens
Me: Yeah. And now camping is messed up. And everything is going down the toilet...quickly
Jason: you should plug it:-)
Jason: what else is wrong?
Me: Well, I wanted to go out for dinner. Try to make something of the day I feel I've wasted. And Amanda and Carly have orchestra, you have work, Rob's mom already started dinner, Allie's in Alaska, Candace is in God know's where, there's summer theatre that has eaten Nikki, Mary and Bridgette
Jason: ::sigh::
Jason: :-(
Jason: You could...meditate
Jason: i dunno. blah.
Me: And my photo albums aren't turning our how I want. And camping is sucking because Carly's making me feel guilty for trying to move the date, even though it works better because now she can't go but actually got permission
Me: And grrr!
Jason: Grrrr indeed!!!!
Me: Meditation would be good. But I don't think I have the patience right now
Jason: :-(
Me: :'(
Jason: ay no. I need to go do "work" stuff.
Jason: I'll IM you when I get home (by 8:30)
Me: :-( Okay. I'll see you later
Me: Bye

all. I should have stayed in bed today.

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