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Well, I know soon you will be over the lies, you'll be strong

Camping Update: (because y'all care so much...)

Having email wars with Charlie and Amanda to plan everything. Most likely going to be the weekend of Aug 2-4. The number has dropped drastically from 10 to 4, with 2 maybes. This is good. Small is good. One site is cheaper. Easier to move everyone.

Oh, and Cici? You're the bestest big sis'er in the whole wide world!!! *smiles really big!* (Think it would be possible for me to borrow the Blazer that weekend? My car is...nice.)

We will probably end up at Devil's Lake. It's not quite as expensive as we thought.

So yes. All is good. And will probably be figured out by today.

And this means I get the house to myself the weekend of July 26-28. Whee!!!!


In other news, I had a really weird dream. The more I think about it, the more I think it's recurring. Or at least I've had it before.

It could have been a made-for-TV disaster movie, back when those were popular. I could write a script for it and make millions.

Alright, so the setting is this cliff city thing. It's a town, completely self-sufficient, that it on the side of a mountain. The only way to get there is a manual lift thing.

The dream started at the climax of where the film would be. I was in a Quik-E-Mart type place and Emilio Estavez (yes, it was already cast for me. How nice, eh?) comes in with a huge gun/flame thrower thing. People start running out of the store and I bolt across the street to this hill. I see a man opening a vat of kerosene and he has matches. I start to run down the street. Things are already burning everywhere, and power lines are falling. Electrical fires start in the street.

All you hear while running is screams of people. "AHHH! My legs!!" and horrible deathly yells for help. I turn down the street and see a small boy playing with a peace of burning wood. He's the town "trouble maker". I tell him he shouldn't play with that and to run with me.

I'm new in town. There for research. Maybe I'm writing a book. (Most likely, I am Jodie Foster). The boy and I run and there's this family, a father and mother, with two little boys running the opposite direction. I ask the boy where they are going, and he says "to the lift." "Wait!" I scream, catching up to them, "Will this get us out?" "It's our only hope," says the father. The six of us climb on the lift and start riding down.

Below us looks like hell fires (don't know why) and we finally get close to the landing and a man is standing there. Of the two robes holding the lift, one has caught fire and snaps. The other, the man is starting to cut. (It's Mr. Sheffield from the Nanny.) The cable breaks, but we are close enough to catch hold of the ladder on the side. I have the boy around my neck and the mother and father each have a child and we are hanging about the hell fires and need to get up before the ladder catches fire.

"It was you!" I yelled to the bad guy. "Of course it was me," he said. He puts his hands on the ladder, and is about to push it over so we all fall. I see a nun and a priest standing near by, watching the cliff town and praying. (The nun is Sarah Jessica Parker, but this role can be negotiated.) I cross myself and start to pray. I'm not catholic, but whatever. The bad guy laughs and he starts to push the ladder.

I open my eyes from prayer and see men running toward him (police, firefighters, good guys). I clench my eyes tightly and feel us falling backward, into the pit fires. I open them to a bright light shining in my eyes. The good guys are shooting a cord thing to us, and I grab it. It pulls us back, just in time (of course).

We all get safely up and the bad guy is arrested. Everyone on the cliff town died though. And we all just watched it burn. Knowing there was nothing we could do.


Allie comes home in a week!!!!


That's about it. I'll be back. You know I will.

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