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You know where you're going but you don't know where you are


Camping glitches. Might have to change the weekend. Or not go at all. Dammit.

And nothing's going on. Again. Had people over. Again. I hope the parents aren't minding so much. I don't usually ask, I just warn. I just pop out of my basement cove, give a quick: "Yeah, so a couple of people are going to be coming over soon" and enter the abyss of darkness yet again.

I love living in a basement. I really do.

And I love Chicago.

And with that, I'm off to bed. Goodnight and sweet dreams to all of you.

kind of LJer are you?

Residents of cyberland probably take comfort in your normalcy (if not the normalcy of your life, at least the normalcy of journal itself). You update regularly and try to keep an honest representation of your life.

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