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Busy, busy, busy as a bee, bee, bee

I wish I got more mail. I've checked my inbox about 5 times today, and I haven't gotten a single piece. What a bummer.

I can't believe it's Monday already. I mean, where did the weekend go? I swear, I'm not ready for real life again. Babysitting, blah. 4 more days. On Friday, she starts school. Kindergarten, where the hell did time go? I mean, she's 5 already. I was only 11 when she was born. I remember it well though. It seems like a long time, but it's gone so quickly. Thus is life, I guess.

Wednesday night is the Dexter Freebish concert at House of Blues. Friday night is Barenaked Ladies. I have a STUNTS board meeting Friday. Then another one next monday, and a third next Friday. They are three hours each (ouch). The one on Friday the 31st conflicts with my nail appointment though. As sissy and "oh, my nails are more important than a serious commitment" as that sounds, it's for the wedding (which is now less than two weeks away. What the hell? It's so close). I'll be going late to the meeting on the 31st.

Also, twice next week, I have to go to a Freshman interest meeting about theatre. Basically it's an informational meeting about Theatre, Stage Crew and STUNTS, as well as the other performances. Since I partake in all of this, I have to be there as a spokesmodel and to be inviting and give open opinions on the theatre program. It rocks, just join and you'll see. Save me the hassle of actually talking in depth, please.

My first week off from babysitting, and it's going to absolutely fly by. Then comes the wedding, a couple days off, and *bam* school. Fuck it, I'm so not looking forward to school again. I don't want to have to study, and do homework and write essays. To work hard, and start spending 11/24 hours there everyday. Once tech week starts for the plays, I'll be there a full 13-hours a day. Hi, half of my day at school? I think I'd rather poke hot rods in my eyes.

I guess I like it, otherwise I wouldn't toucher myself like this.

Shit! When does play practice start? I'm an assistant director of the Fall Play, "The Heidi Chronicles", so I have to be at rehearsals, but I don't know when they start. Fuck. Hopefully not until next week, because 1.) I can't this week, and 2.) I'll be able to check when I'm at school on Friday for my STUNTS Board meeting. I hope I'm not just being stupid and be missing anything. much stress. As if my back wasn't tense enough, school will not help. And my stomach is already turning with anxiety. YUCK!!! I HATE THIS SO MUCH!

Wow, well that was the opposite of therapeutic, now I'm more stressed. Fuck it. Need sleep...need relaxation...need to see puppies on the Today Show tomorrow (at 7am...arg!)

Well, night all. I can't guarantee it will be a good one.

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