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Like the incredibly huge dumbass I am, I missed incrediblyhot!Joey on TRL today.


Do they replay it? Anyone? Bueller???


BUT! I watched Driven!!

One, I don't like Lynn's new hair. I liked the long blond curls.

Two, Joey's dad!! Oh my god, I was almost in tears. There is so much love and fun and music and laughter in that family. I WANT IN!! (Hee hee. As a side note: STEVE! >:) )

Three, I love Chris. And his mom. And they...they're just fabulous people. You can tell.

Four, Diane Bass scares me. A lot. "A LOT"

Five, they barely fit everything in in 90 minutes. Those boys have had a hell of a career. Yay.

Six, I love VH1. It's going to be airing about 20 times in the next week. And guess who's going to watch it every time? ;)

Well, not me, because I never catch shows I want to. (*cough*JoeyonTRL*cough*). But I'll be more likely to check what's on the TV when I'm bored.

And I still have my new icon. Which I've decided that I like a lot. So yay.

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