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Shopping Spree!!

Okay, so apparently my mother was in a better mood today than I could ever have imagined. We went back to school shopping, but it was more like "anything you see that you like we'll buy". It was amazing (and incredibly expensive). Here's what I got...
*Long gray Ralph Lauren skirt
*Short-sleeved wine/burgundy tee-shirt
*Two 3/4 sleeved thin sweaters (one gray, one red)
*A pair of light gray/blue corduroy pants
*A pair of Low-rise Flair jeans
*A big comfy light blue sweater
*A thin turtleneck brown sweater
Steve Madden
*2-4 inch platform sandals (black)
Abercrombie & Fitch (though I've sworn off the store, Mommy made me get it)
*A burgundy heather long sweater with hood and pockets

It's safe to say, I made out with a bandit, and cost my mommy a lot of money. But now I have so many new clothes, which totally compensates for the not getting any new summer clothes. (At all. I got a pair of capris in the spring, but that was it.) It's happy.

I'm a little on the tired side, but I'm gonna go read new entries from other peoples, and probably update again before bed.

:::My Music:::
*Demons - Guster
*Can it Be Love - Samantha Mumba
*Push (acoustic) - Matchbox 20
*If I Am - Nine Days

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