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Seems the road less traveled shows happiness unraveled

My playlist is huge again.

For a while (too long) I had about 100 songs. On shuffle and repeat. It was getting very boring, though definitely allowed me to learn and understand some of those songs more closely.

Then yesterday I downloaded some news songs (a bunch of Green Day, some Nirvana. Other random stuff).

So I had to reload a playlist, and I added back in artists and songs that I had kept out previously. It felt good hearing Matchbox Twenty, Bree Sharp, and so many others again. My fear with mp3s is hearing the same songs over and over and getting sick of them. I hate feeling like a song is so overplayed that I can't listen to it anymore (and this happens often). I get to a point where I have to stop listening to it. Even if I love it dearly, if it comes on the radio, I must search for something else. I want to be able to save the love. It took me a good year before I could listen to "Bent" again.

So yes. Changing some stuff up a bit.

It just feels good. Break is over. I need my music back. :)

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