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Caught in the break down

Well, I didn't get around to watching Cinderella (though I suppose I could watch it now...).

But I did nap. Yay for napping. Only about an hour, but I feel refreshed.

I'll be at another park tonight at 7. Parks have been popular meeting and hanging out places for the past 3 days. It's alright though. One, it's public property so no one needs to offer a house. Two, sports can go on easily. Three, they are just all together fun. Four, why not take advantage of the beautiful upper 80's/lower 90's weather?

Mama is getting on my nerves again. Seems like the next two weekends, I'll have my niece. Hmph. That's okay, because the weekend after is going to be our camping trip. Whoo-who! Two nights in the great outdoors with a bunch of people who have never camped before! It's going to be great. And since the parents will be gone ALL NIGHT this Friday (not returning until mid-day Saturday), sounds like I'll be having a gathering at my house. Sweet.

Yeah. That's about it for now.

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