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Hearts and thoughts they fade, fade away

My posts lately have been less than satisfying...this I realize.

And since my mood is significantly better than it has been, I figured I'd try and post in a semi-normal fashion.

And I'm bored.

Sundays are boring days. And lots of people have work in the morning. And it's terrible.

I need to remember to water my plants. Plural now, because in addition to my African Violet that I've been trying to keep alive in a basement room with no windows, I have a sapling. Of a Blue Spruce. They were the give-away at my brother's wedding. Outdoor themes, get it? So yes. Sapling and Violet are both lovely and crowding around the only lamp in my room.

Candace is gone on a 7-day college visit trip with her parents.
Allie is still in Alaska.
Caitlin is home from New Mexico(?).
God help me...

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