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Still not asleep

Damn. Okay, so I read some MB20 slash and feeling very complete. Yea happy thoughts!

I'm never going to wake up tomorrow. Shit. If mommy's planning on going shopping after church (ew, who goes to church anymore. *sigh* Poor mommy), that would be around noon. Which means I have to be up to get ready by 11.

If she ditches out on church, then she'll probably let me "sleep in" until 10. Ha. If only she knew what time I wake up on a normal basis. Oh well. Either way, the most sleep I get is *figures numbers in head...carry the one...* Not working...resorting to fingers *counts...1...2...3...4...*

7 and a half hours. Yuck. And I want to go to bed early tomorrow night so I don't miss NSYNC on the Today Show. Stupid Central Time Zone. 7am?! I haven't been up that early since May. Fuck. Grrr, stupid puppies interfering with sleep. How can they do this? How is JC getting up that early? It's an outrage, he sleeps more than anyone, and he agreed to an interview at the butt-crack of dawn? I'm writing a letter...

Wow, actually getting tired. *yawn* Ah! actual yawn. Good sign, must try to settle in for the night.

[random though that crossed my mind: I wonder if my little African Violet would like to be fed Carmel Frappuccino. God knows I'm getting addicted, perhaps it would like it too...]

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