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You're getting closer to pushing me off of life's little edge

Well, 7 hours is better than 5 and a half.

It's still not a lot of sleep. But I haven't been sleeping well lately. A lot on my mind I suppose.

I was awakened recently by a phone call from Amanda. She and Rob are seeing Bourne Identity at 1. I really want to see it, but I think I'll wait and go with Zoe. I told her I'd see it with her anyway. (*cough*Excuse!*cough*)


It's odd. I've noticed people around here having problems with friends. Feeling distanced. Or problems with Journal. Feeling distanced. And I suppose I haven't been keeping up with this as well as I could. And when I do, I'm vague and don't go in depth.

I'm trying to make a big post later. Try to sum up what's been on my mind lately. I guess I've had a few different outlets lately; Jason, my letters to Allie, Carly, and Journal has been a bit denied. I feel like I've told some stories a few times, but never completely to anyone.

So yes. Big post later? Probably locked. Maybe open. I haven't decided, nor have I written it yet.

But now, I need stamps (fucking 37 cents) to mail two letters, and I need to buy Candace her coloring book before she eats me for not writing a car letter.

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