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The past 2 days (summed up in one journal) - The Life of Me

Well, cus I'm too lazy to rewrite about my day, here is a letter I wrote to my best friend, who is going to Costa Rica for three weeks on an adventure thing.

Hey Pooks! How�s the rainforest? Hot enough for you down there? Ya know, the equator in July can�t possibly be as bad as it seems. Oh well, guess it�s your loss.
Enough with the funky writing�it was making me dizzy and I�m the one writing it. I really hope you have been having a great time. Any hotties? I know, that�s all that�s on my mind. Oh well, what do you expect, I�m a teenaged girl who wants nothing more than a freakin� boyfriend. IS THAT TOO MUCH TO ASK??? Apparently it is. Whatever.
Not too much is new around here, especially considering how you don�t leave until Monday. Technically, I could call you right now, but it�s 1:15 on Saturday night/Sunday morning, so I doubt you�d appreciate that. I had fun this evening. At about 2:45 I went to Chris�s Apartment, cus she was going to be having a little get-together, sort of house warming party. Basically, an excuse to drink a lot (welcome to my family of lushes. Honest to god [I�m not even exaggerating] she had over 24 bottles of beer, 12 wine coolers, and Margarita and this Vanilla-Carmel stuff mix.) Anywho, she was getting down her blender to make the Vanilla-Carmel stuff and dropped it. The pitcher shattered. I got to make a Target run to get her a new blender. I come back with the new one, and half way through mixing it starts to smell funny. She turned it off and it wouldn�t turn back on. The motor overheated, or something. So we ended up with partially mixed drinks and larger chunks of ice than necessary. Oh well. Also, Candace called me right as I stepped out side of Target to tell me we were all meeting at Lindsey�s at 6:30. I got there a little late (oops) but it was okay. We ordered dinner from Panera and Manda and I went to get it. On the way we picked up The Princess Bride from my house cus they wanted to watch it later. We ate, played some cards, then played pool/watched the movie (sort of simultaneously, they were being done at the same time in separate rooms. Elliott and I were actually the only ones playing pool, but whatever). After the movie, we played cards some more until curfew when the party broke up. It sucks�as much as I don�t �observe� curfew, when everyone else does, there is no party left.
How cool is this? My sister�s wedding invitation came in the mail today. Addressed to me and everything. I think my goal of the summer from this point on is to find an �and guest� so I can feel special. Also today, Em gave me her credit card number and stuff so I could order the bubbles they will be using when they exit the church. Pretty cool huh?
That�s about as exciting as my life gets. I�ll try and send you more letters in the next week so they will be sure to arrive on time. Have fun in Costa Rica, ay! ay! ay! (just imagine me saying that with my spanish accent�it would sound cooler). Take some awesome pictures of rain forests and exotic birds and stuff. I can�t wait to hear all your fun stories.
 No habla espa�ol;
 Donde est� el cuarto de ba�o; (where�s the bathroom)
and the all important:
 Planeaba en comer ese pl�tano, pero si usted realmente lo desea, lo vender� a usted para un Peso.
It means �I was planning on eating that banana, but if you really want it, I will sell it to you for a peso.�
Random, I know, but I was having fun on Altavista Translator.
Miss you and love you!

That was exciting, wasn't it? Today I went with my sister Chris and her two kids Mikey and Zoe to go see Atlantis. I must say, it was an awesome film and I enjoyed it highly. Then again, I'm rather partial to most Disney flicks. After, Chris and I went shoe shopping at Hawthorn. Strangely enough, neither of us bought any shoes. Just as I got home, I got the message to call Candace, so I did and it turned out we were congregating at her house until dinner. Then we went to Chili's and to Lewis's new house. First, I stopped home to pick up Simpson's Clue, the best game ever. After playing that for a round (It was Mr. Smithers in Burns Manor with the poison doughnut) we watched the Muppet Movie. I protested to watch Toy Story 2, but the Muppets won and we all had fun watching. Now I'm home and readying myself for a little mp3 hunting before turning over to bed. Night Night!

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