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Is that a Swatch watch? Do you know what time it is?

Behold the power of gail:

(I was going to write this earlier, but forgot about it.)

Perhaps I've mentioned that I'm manipulating? Well, it's not intentional. But it sure as hell works.

I can ask someone to do something for me, and they will...about 99% of the time, too. For example, I was at Candace's about a week ago and everyone was going upstairs to get ice cream. I lounged comfortable on the couch and asked Candace to dish some up for me. Instead of denying or yelling 'You've got two hands, and everyone else is getting their own...make it yourself'. Nope, she got it for me. (I can also make people get me drinks.)

More than that, though, I can make people stop what they are doing to be with me. Or if they don't, they feel really guilty.

Example One: I call Lindsay to see if she wants to hang out with Candace and I (we knew she already had plans). She felt so guilty that she couldn't that she offered to make us cookies. Lindsay, however, is very easy that way.

A second Lindsay story...she was supposed to be going out with Katy, and Candace was talking to her and getting no where. So I took the phone and convinced her to go out with Katy for about an hour and then the two of them could meet up with us. It worked too. :)

Example Two: Last night, Candace was going to be hanging out with Kate. All night. Jason and I were bored though, so I call Candace and basically make her feel really guilty for not hanging out with me, because I hadn't seen her since about a week ago. She ends up calling Kate and talking to her for about 15 minutes, instead of the entire night, and then hanging out with me instead.

I really don't mean to be manipulative, it just happens. :)

So anyway, the point is that I am loved and adored by those around me. And it's more than just Lindsay and Candace that I can control. It's almost scary, but most of the time I don't realize I'm doing it.

Oh well. At least I get my way a lot. :)

(In other news: I love this new icon a lot.

And Journal is holding some of my comments hostage!! Not all, just most. Grrr....)

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