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All these words I don't just say, and nothing else matters

I'm up earlier than usual. Okay, so not that much earlier, but an hour. AND! I didn't go to bed until 2. So there.

I guess I'm feeling a bit funky today. Don't know what's up. I'm sure I'll get better.

The good news, is that I have leftover pizza for breakfast/lunch, though I would have preferred Chinese. Damn the Chinese place for being closed Mondays.

Was considering watching a movie later. After I shower.

Tonight, I'm going into Chicago with Steph for an AWARE meeting at Mr. Cohen's house. The Israeli we had come back in April, Haggai, and other people refusing to serve in the IDF are going to be jailed in July. We are meeting to see what we can do. I don't really want to go, but Steph really wants me to, and I think it would be good. So that's my night. Maybe if it doesn't run too late, I can still get together with people later. Hmm...*is really freakin' selfish*


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