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Left a note and said 'I'm sorry I had a bad day again'

This song really gets to me sometimes. I love it a lot.

My day/evening/night:
Jason came over because we were both bored and trying to decide what to do. We invited Carly and Candace, and they came about an hour later.

Rob and Charlie showed up later. And Rob took Carly to pick up Amanda much later.

We ordered pizza and sat around. Played Super Smash for a bit, but mostly just hung out.

Most people left around 10, but Candace, Chazz and I watched Dogma. So fantabulous. Candace left at 11 for curfew, and Chazz left after the movie.

Now I'm alone. And bored.

But I'm talking to Zoe, which is always fun. Mostly about guys. Not who is hot, or what not, but more psychological findings on why there aren't more for us. Ha ha. But seriously, I love Zoe because I can have an actual intellectual conversation. I really need to start hanging out with her more.

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