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She never mentions the word 'addiction' in certain company

So my new sister-in-law (whoa, that's weird. But it's more normal than 'my brother's wife'. Egad!) is a distributor for food dye, or sells it, or something. For candy. So she gets free samples of stuff, and goes to big candy expos all the time.

She gave us a big bag of candy at the wedding..."goody bags" for the kids, though my sisters and I picked through it at our heart's desire.

I stashed mine in my purse, so today when I was cleaning it out of the excess crap that wound up there over the weekend, I found a bunch of treats.

Not leaving well enough alone, I started to munch and now, have a headache and feel really sick. So much sugar!

And those damn cherry sours always taste like soap, but I love them for some reason and couldn't stop eating!

Ick. Too much sugar.

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