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Spam, spam, spam.

I'm still bored.

And I have a fun little anecdote. It's actually not that fun, and less of an anecdote than a 'look into Gail's crazy mind'.

Okay, so I live in a basement. Basements have bugs. Icky ones. Creepy crawly ones with lots of legs. *shudders*

But somehow I have convinced myself that they don't come in my room. They sneak around the rest of the basement, but not MY room.

So when I find them, I become inherently very disappointed. A little while back, I had a bit of an ant problem. (Note to Self: Stop eating Cheetos at the computer.) And just five minutes ago, something was flying. I'm pretty sure it wasn't a mosquito (I saw plenty of those last night, and it didn't resemble a mosquito), and I think it may have been a moth.

I feel violated. :(

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