Gail (gailmarie) wrote,

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I really tried to get through my friends page. Really truly.

But I don't have time. And I'm half asleep as it is.

Hopefully I can go back later and catch up on some of the cut-aways that I didn't get to. I love you all anyway!


Went well. Was fun. Had drinks (was not drunk). <- good!kid!friends do not understand the distinction. Sillies. I don't get drunk.

In a bit, we are going back up to Dean and Juliet's to watch them open presents and help clean everything up.

I'm so freakin' tired!! Ahh!

And I need to get going now! I've had grapes and popcorn in my trunk since Thursday night that I keep forgetting to throw out. Ewww!!!

Later all!

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