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More Highly Inspirational (Random) Thoughts...

  • I left the house today without make-up, and never gave it a second thought
  • I can't write while I drive (hee hee, oops)
  • Stop lights are useful for changing CDs
  • I can predict when a light will turn yellow
  • The best way to find what you are shopping for is to not bring the money to buy it
  • My hairstylist chick can't use hair claws
  • I hate blow drying my hair (or having others do it for me)
  • I love (flaming) openly gay men [Side story: Scott, who owns the hair place I go to was talking about shoes and said "I was going to wear my strappy black sandals..." That made me laugh. Guys talking about "strappy black sandals"]
  • I currently hate my hair color (but it will grow on me in the next couple days
  • It's insanely expensive to dye hair ($85 - and it's only highlights!)
  • It takes over an hour to foil my hair, and about a half hour to blow dry it
  • I'm really happy with my teachers next year (got my schedule today)
  • But my locker is the worst place ever (ewww, end of Q-hall, right by the bus lobby)

  • That's enough for now...I feel that my pensive state of mind is fleeting.

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