Gail (gailmarie) wrote,

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Alright, so I'm a dirty liar.

Scratch that last post.

On my way up to Ci's (I hadn't gotten very far) I see her and the kids driving to the house. I turn around and come home.

So now I'm home and watching the kids. And have no where to be until 1:30.

I think Fayanne and Brad are going to Potbelly, though. I might ask them to bring me back something, but I have no money.

Tonight, I'm missing Bridgette's birthday party. :( I suppose weddings come first though. (And if anyone reads this who is going, send my love and apologies to Bridgette!!)

Noooooobody's online because it's 10am on a Saturday. This bites.

I'm so boooooored.

I guess I could figure out what I'm doing with my hair. Hmm...

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