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Here we are now, entertain us

Okay, far too amused by the predetermined occupation selector that starsprinkles posted.

You shall live in Smallville as Lex Luthor\'s bitch. Your job shall be to grant wishes to suspiciously bearded cottony-swabs.

You shall live in Justin Timberlake\'s pants.. Your job shall be to scare black spaghetti.

You shall live as long as I choose to allow. Your job shall be to ride virginal men.

You shall live in Justin Timberlakes Ego. Your job shall be to vomit on sordid mysteries.

You shall live as a fanfic slasher. Your job shall be to run over horribly whiny astro-physicists.

Well, it's obvious I'm destined to be a slasher and live somewhere in Justin. Bwahahaha!

Now on to entertain myself elsewhere.

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