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So many players you'd think I was a ballgame

Well, I was supposed to be at the Rehearsal Dinner over a half an hour ago.

But I was going to be carpooling with Cici, after she picked up Mikey. Mikey's camp bus was like...2 hours late? Or something insane like that. Last I hear from her an hour ago and I don't think she had him.

But I took a nap. :)

AND! I had a dream about JC (from NSYNC...clarification is needed because I reference 4 JC's. Hee hee).

Anywho! The dream also involves Cici's kitten, JC, who if he were a person, would most definitely be JC from NSYNC. Lanky and long legged, cute and cuddly, likes to sleep in sunny spots....just yes.

So, the dream was that my sister's cat (and all animals) could turn into humans, and JC, when in human form, was hitting on this girl. It wasn't my sister, though it was her apartment. She sort of looked like Kim Possible (the cartoon on Disney). Anywho, something happens and Kim and JC are taken into custody by cops, believe they had been in some sort of espionage thing.

Okay, I can't really explain it, but the point is that the cat turned into JC and humancat!JC was cuddly and cute and hitting on the chick. It was funny. But I think it was funnier in my head.

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