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You're getting closer to pushing me off of life's little edge

Journal has been sloooooow today. Where the hell is everyone?

Oh, wait. It's Friday. Dammit, I keep thinking it's Saturday.

Cici and I went to Michael's (where we met up with Mama and Zoe). Low and behold, Juliet and Katie were also there (picking up ribbon?)

Mama's on a hell spree today, and I'm avoiding at all costs. The guy at Corner Bakery was already chewed out because the order was going to be 2 hours later (and Mama was told this after going there an hour after the pick-up time. She was not happy)

So yes. Today is avoid Mama day, and wait for rehearsal dinner when everything can come together and be happy and everyone can down a few drinks and the euphoria can kick in. :)

Also!!! The Sara Lee outlet in Vernon Hills is closing today, so Cici and I picked up a 5lb Lasagna, a Banana Cake SHEETCAKE (It's huge. Half of it is mine. Bwahahaha!), Cinnamon Rolls, Cheesecake Bites and some Banana Nut muffins. It's so fabulous!

Besides, Nobody Doesn't Like Sara Lee!

Oh right, and:

Which John Cusack Are You?

I love John Cusack. And he's from the Chicago area! Whee!!

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