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Hold your hands up to the sky and try to hard to rise above

You know you haven't gotten enough sleep when you don't have to skip back on your friends page after night.

Who the hell wakes up before 8:30 anyway? Umm...noon please??

And everyone and their brother is off of work today. Cici is home, Mama was home yesterday too (with Zoe in toe). I think my father is working, but Dave and Katie are somewhere (probably hyperventilating) and Dean and Juliet are probably trying to clean their house/yard for the reception.

Tonight is the rehearsal dinner, but there will be no rehearsal and will probably just be eating pizza at Dean and Juliet's. It's okay though, because 1) I like pizza and 2) I'm going to have to be there a lot this weekend, so I may as well learn the way.

I wonder when Fayanne and Brad are coming up.

In other news: This post has sucked. Expect another.
Also: The bitch tendencies are great today. Consider yourself warned.

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