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Take time with a wounded hand cause it likes to heal

Something I find highly entertaining:
Because I make all of my subject lines random lyrics and lines from songs (either those stuck in my head, or those currently playing) it's fun to be in the Calendar subject view. It's just a list of lyrics. I love it.

You can play too! Check out my subject lines for the month of June here if you are too lazy to find it yourself. (Don't worry, I'm in the lazy category too. Give me a link, or I'm not following.)

I'm tired. But I don't want to sleep. And I'm sort of restless. And I have decided that I hate secrets. Screw secrets. It's not worth it.

Under the same category of the last comment, here are some titles that seem fitting for my mood right now:
"And she swears there's nothing wrong, I hear her playing that same old song"
"Falling faster time goes by, fear has not seen through these eyes"
"I find the need to be the demon, a demon cannot be hurt"
"No one will ever notice if I keep my mouth shut tight"
"Run and tell the angels that everything's all right"
"Your lip was bleeding but it was fine"
"Please don't come down and see me this way"

Yeah. So now I'm done.

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