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  • Journal is a proper noun in my mind
  • I like chewing gum in the shower
  • The last swig of a Carmel Starbuck's Frappuccino is really gross
  • I hate hair appointments, but at 12:30 today my inch and a half of roots will become blond again

  • People say my highlights look natural
  • Talking about roots and hair dye should not make me think of Joey and Lance
  • Whenever my mother talks to me, I growl inside my head like Ling on Ally McBeal
  • I love giant hair claws
  • I really want a date to my sister's wedding but am to chicken to ask the person that everyone says I should
  • My response card for my sister's wedding was due last Tuesday
  • I still haven't sent in the payment for my speeding ticket (It's due on the 28th)
  • I love e-mail as a medium in which to interact with people
  • I hate e-mail forwards
  • I still haven't made myself an eye doctor appointment
  • My glasses are still broken
  • If you were to record the thoughts in my head and put them down on paper, it would be one giant monologue
  • My cat is so fat then when she tries to clean herself, she falls over
  • My cat is really cute
  • I've never had a kitten (both of the cats I've owned were grown before I was born/received them)
  • When I woke up this morning, I tried to figure out if I had enough time to drive to Pittsburgh (I didn't)
  • I want my own website, but gailmarie.com was taking (as was .net and .org)
  • I want a digital camera because they have better zooms, you don't have to reload film every 26 pictures, and they will be a lot easier to put onto my website (when I get one)
  • I really like the entertainment medium, but wouldn't know how to get into it for a career
  • When my mother asked if I had been thinking about colleges, I lied and said "no" to avoid the subject (because she wants me to go to a state school)
  • I don't think money should ever hinder someone from doing what they want
  • My 7th grade Social Studies teacher was really hot
  • I wanna be in love...
  • I'm a morning person no matter how much I wish I wasn't
  • My mind wanders before my fingers do, so when I type, I occasionally leave out words or full phrases
  • I really like the song Whatever I Fear by Toad the Wet Sprocket
  • Everyone wishes they had someone else's mother, but if you ever had them, you'd realize the grass is always greener on the other side
  • I'm in a very insightful mood
  • I'm thankful to have Journal as a media that I can put down my insightful thoughts and know they won't be wasted by being written in a notebook and shoved in a desk drawer. They will be read.
  • I hate phone, but I love having conversations with people
  • The internet and AIM and MSN Messenger and stuff are good ways to communicate thoughts and feelings without fearing direct confrontation
  • I can point out the exact spot in No Strings Attached where the song would stop in the concert for the fireworks to go off
  • I really have to buy a car adapter for my new CD player because I've already gone through 3 sets (6) batteries in the 12 days I've had it
  • My mother's going shopping today. I hope she's still planning on taking me with her tomorrow. I need new clothes
  • My mother only asked me my plans for today so that she would know if I could babysit Zoe while she went shopping
  • I don't think I'm going to come straight home after my hair appointment.
  • Cats are the best animals to have as pets because they are easy to take care of and aren't too clingy
  • Matchbox Twenty will always be my favorite band because of the feeling I get whenever one of their songs comes on
  • I'm writing a lot, and hoping that people will take the time to read all of it and laugh/relate to it
  • It's raining outside, and that makes me happy
  • Rob Thomas puts a lot of feeling into his singing (download the "Can't Always Get What You Want" cover or "Loss and Strain and Butterflies" to see what I mean)
  • I find myself being attracted to older men
  • I can't sleep sometimes but I've been told, it's a lonely condition called growing old, let me stumble sometimes
  • I get addicted to gum and really shouldn't chew it (I'm a chain-chewer. When one piece loses flavor, I replace it with another. I also chew for hours on end)
  • I will probably end up buying the Josie and the Pussycats DVD today without even seeing it first. I think I will like it, no matter how bad it is.
  • "We named the dog Indiana"
  • I really shouldn't be trying to keep a plant alive in a room with no natural air or sunlight (my poor little African Violet)
  • I'm extremely weird, and I really don't mind if people know it
  • I've gotten more self confident since junior high (When in Wal-greens last Wednesday, my friends and I were talking about being bi-sexual (though none of us are currently) and me taking Caitlin to the wedding in front of these two assholes that I would have been embarrassed to do so in jr. high. Now, I could give a rat's ass what they think of me, because I'm a lot more secure.)
  • Censorship is the worst thing you could do to yourself
  • I wish I spent more time with my niece and less time at my computer

  • I have about 5 minutes before I have to go to my hair appointment...I might add to this list later.

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