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Can't wait for tomorrow...

Today was okay.

I ran up to Cici's apartment (did you notice?!?!) so I could steal a stamp (for Allie's letter) and do my nails (fingers and toes) for the wedding. I chose gold (well... it's actually "Glamour and Glitz"). I like it. I also took a pudding cup and a Capri Sun. Whee!

Then, I dropped the letter at the post office and went home (to check email quickly). I went to Candace's so we could pack our picnic.

The Midwest Youth Orchestra (a local orchestra that Amanda and Carly are in) was playing at Ravinia at 5:30, so we decided we'd picnic and hang on the lawn there.

We picked up Charlie and JC and the four of us went.

It was fun, and after they played, Carly and Amanda joined us. Some piano concerto guy was playing after, so we sat around until it got dark (probably around 9:15). We left and came back to my house.

Note to self: 6 people do not fit in your car.

That was an experience in and of itself.

Around 10:20, we walked to Jason's house to pick up his car, so that I wouldn't have to drive everyone home. It was really fun. I love walking, especially at night. It's nice and cool outside and absolutely beautiful.

A little after 11, JC and Carly went home, and a little after that, I drove Candace and Amanda home. (Charlie walks because he lives about 5 houses down).

Now I'm home. Tired. Nervous about the upcoming weekend. So much everything. But I'm sure it will be fun. Wedding = fun.

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