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She was a happy girl the day that she left me

Lemming tendencies are great. I am not greater than they are.

Google says:
Gail is available for private parties. (Hahahaha!)
Gail is enjoying a growing reputation as a writer who pushes her genre to new levels with her emphasis on emotional depth and unusual plots.
Gail is a life-long Democrat, having first registered to vote in Oklahoma.
Gail is described as a high-energy, dynamic speaker who focuses on customization,
sports analogies, life experiences and humorous stories to relay her message. (Oooo! I'm a motivational speaker!!)
Gail is a long term hold, buy now. (So it's true! I can be bought!)

And this one takes the cake...
Gail is my goat.

Bwahahahaha! That was fun.

Later: Lemmings force Gail to list her CD collection.

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