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I like to teach you all the rules

I'm accomplished.

I ate lunch (mmm...sandwiches).

I cleaned out my trunk.

I am organizing school stuff. So, ya know, summer can officially start.

And I'm reading through my yearbook. I love my friends so very much. I'm putting in highlights because I feel like it. :)

Teri: ...I [heart] U! You are such an AMAZING person. You are also an incredible actor. All year long in 3/4 you never seized to amaze me. You took my breath away - you always raise the bar so high for yourself and you ALWAYS strive to surpass that and read for the stars...

Zoe: You're such a crack-whore SLACKER! Bitch. Dancing (splendidly) during Mmm...Body. Ocean's 11. gail, I'd be happy to tell sex jokes that only you appreciate for all time!! Opa!! I love your cell phone rings and your bottomless purse and for hauling my lazy ass 4 blocks in your car. Um, I have about 50 movies for us to watch...for hotness or for crying...Yeah so your new haircut is HOT, Gail...

Candace: Oh how I've missed you and your unique personality this year. It's not fair when I don't see you. Nest year it will be different when I stalk you...I mean...when we see each other more. ... And you know what? Next time you call me to go out I will not be reading Catcher in the Rye and I promise to drop what I'm doing and come out with you. ... The excellent times backstage right during the Musical. You were so cute when you won the award thingy. And then I got run over by Nazis. The Nazis where so much nicers than the nuns...

Amanda (this was the only one to make me cry. Kudos to Amanda): ...Wow what a turbulent year. I don't think i've ever experienced so many emotions at the same time while not sleeping. I'm so glad we had Calc together, what would I have done without you? You made the class almost tolerable (if that were actually possible). I'm sorry you're not taking French next year but I'm very glad you've found your passion in theatre. You'll have a blast next year. Can you believe we're almost Seniors?! What are we donna do without each other to bitch to anymore? I can't even begin to remember all the fun times we've spent since 4th grade?! Can you believe it. Even though we've found different paths acting...sports etc. I know I can always count on you to be there for me. I only hope I've been as good a friend to you as you have to me despite all the "backstabbing" we occasionally do to others; it's purely informational gossip...

Yep. Yay for friends. I could have put a lot more in, but I decided to keep it short.

Now, I either need a nap or a shower. Hmmm...

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