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Things I've Learned (or Realized) While Floating Around Journal This Morning...

  • We all have bad days
  • We all get depressed sometimes (usually around 3am)
  • There are a lot of talented writers out there (even when it's not in form of slash. :o)
  • NSYNC is a strange type of addiction that no one can logically explain
  • The fake NSYNCer journals are a huge involved soap opera (in case you haven't heard, Brit's pregnant>
  • We all are having a hard time dealing with the severe lack of pretty dancing boys when the tour ends in about a week
  • I really have to "clean out" some of my mp3s, cus I find myself skipping past a lot more than I used to
  • Even though I'm feeling relatively good and happy, I'm in the mood to read some really deep, pensive or depressing pieces
  • For some reason, I'm in the mood to watch Trainspotting (too much talk of drugs going on, I think)
  • I really want to see the sneak preview of Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back tonight
  • I still want to see American Pie 2, but no one will see it with me
  • I really adore Rob Thomas because most of his lyrics (especially from his Tabitha's Secret days) are poetry set to a melody
  • Slash is the best waste of time I have ever found on the internet (and a lot cheaper than an e-bay addiction)
  • I really want to comment on people's serious journal entries, but it feels wrong when I have nothing important to contribute other than "That was really good" or "You are an amazing writer"
  • I feel condescending sometimes in responses, either because I'm younger than the people I'm talking to, or because I (occasionally) act really mature for my age

  • That's about it for now....

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