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I can't sleep.

Perhaps it's the pounding headache.

It has gotten better since I... 1) took Excedrin and 2) put a cold wash cloth on my head.

But that was a while ago, and I still can't sleep.

Things running though my head at 1am:
  • I want new sheets for my bed.
  • Tomorrow, I should clean out the trunk of my car. I'll back it into the driveway and work on my tan while cleaning.
  • I should set up a journal for Allie so she can see my locked/friends only posts.
  • How did Cici know I was in her apartment today?
  • Wow, my head hurts. A lot.
  • Perhaps I shouldn't have stopped drinking caffeine cold turkey two days ago. Stupid Gail.
  • Maybe I'm not tired because I've been up fewer hours than I've slept lately.

  • Yeah. That's about it. I'll be milling about here for a while. As I said, I can't sleep and my head hurts. I'm sure the computer screen will help that a lot.

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