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By the way I tried to say, I'd be there waiting for...

Tonight was better. And by better, I mean that I don't feel like sleeping for 5 days straight and never getting up.

I do, however, have a headache. Shit. In summer, I never have normal eating schedules. I should have had breakfast. Or dinner. Eh, there's always tomorrow.

Allie leaves in 5 hours to go to Alaska. For three weeks. I told her if anything huge happens in my life, I'd print out pages of my journal and send them to her. Ha ha.

Speaking of Journals, there has been much befriending lately. irishgirl1274, musicdependant, sfumato, and sovietpanda. That last one is Peter. I think I may have mentioned him before. Waves out to new friends. Yay.

And I still like my new icon.

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