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I'm still in a 'not so good' mood. I have a headache, which isn't helping much.

But I've done a lot of thinking today. It helps that I drove to hell and back twice (and by 'hell', I mean Lake Forest.) Either way, I was visiting Mama, which is never delightful. None the less, lots of alone time, lots of car time, lots of thinking.

I remembered something that my history teacher from 1st semester used to say: "You can either light a candle, or curse the darkness."

I was trying to figure out what kind of person I am. I'm still not too sure, but I've been thinking about it. However, I now pose the question to my friends list (because I've never done this before, but thought it would be interesting):

Gail's Question of the Day:
  • Do you light a candle, or curse the darkness? Explain, please.
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