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Will I ever get to see the ending to my story?

Just got home from Candace's party.

- Arrived half hour late due to napping
- Badminton/volleyball
- Super Smash for Game Cube
- I forgot sleepover stuff, so Allie and I came back to my house and preceded to discuss for about a half hour before going back to Candace's.
- Empire Records
- Iron Chef
- Jaycee Park at midnight. We played and hung out and talked in the dark (interesting conversations involving relationships and family with Zoe and Allie)
- Ocean's Eleven
- Sleep around 3:30.
- Wake up around 11.
- Eat doughnuts
- Muppets Take Manhattan
- Break Candace's doorknob. Whoops.
- Get kicked out of Candace's house because "the party was nearing 20 hours".

There was also a small Journal incident, in which my Journal became public knowledge and I may have minorly flipped out. (JC sent me an apology email because he said he didn't realize it was semi-secretive.)

I'm hopping no one reads my Journal. As trivial as some posts are, others are quite the opposite.

And now, I'm going to shower and nap. Then hopefully there will be stuff going on later.


Happy Birthday Katie!!

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