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All by myself, I'm so much better on my own

Well, it took a frickin' eternity, but I'm basically done cleaning.

Four and a half hours later...

It took a bit longer because I also decided to re-alphabetize my CDs (all 136) to add the 29 new discs I acquired since last I alphabetized.

I still need to do a final vacuum and there's nothing I can do with all my scrapbook shit until I actually get around to scrapbooking, but other than that, it is much improved.

Yay for livable rooms.

I also did my laundry.

And I think my parents are gone until late tonight. I don't know why. Mama's note said "Left at 8:45, be home 9pm". Um...okay? Was I notified of this?!?! Did I miss a memo?!? What's this family coming to?!?!?*

*Yeah, my humor sucks right now. Bite me.

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