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Nothing's gonna change my world

So I mentioned shopping?

Yeah, we didn't quite get to the mall. Carly and I went over to Candace's to hang out with her and another Carly. Then the first Carly, Candace and I went to Walgreens and back to my home. We watched Trading Spaces for a bit, then Jeopardy.

JC came over and the four of us watched Win Ben Stein's Money (it was a big game show day today) and played Simpson's Clue. After, Carly went home and Candace, JC and I met up with Rob and Charlie for dinner at Olive Garden.

Then we all went back to Rob's, played Ultimate Frisbee for a while and then Trivial Pursuit. Carly and Amanda came back later, and stayed until curfew. We are such losers, but it is entertaining.

After some strange phenomenon with cars, Bridgette called me and I went to her house at 11:30 to watch The Lost Boys, one of the most cracked out 80's movie ever. And it had both Cory's. What more could one ask for.

Now I'm home, and tired, and realizing that I can barely keep track of everything I do each day because
1) days during summer run together, and
2) I do a lot each day.

Tomorrow is Friday! So it doesn't change much of the social scene, but then my friends don't have the "I have to work tomorrow" excuse. Whee!

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