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Falling faster time goes by, fear has not seen through these eyes

Put in the applications at Barnes & Noble and American Eagle. Bought the cute blue headband from AE. Yay!

Okay, so I'm slightly insane.

I really really really really really want to go to Ohio. Why Ohio? Because it's the closest state with John Mayer and GUSTER! that isn't sold out. Fucking midwest. Stupid Chicago. Stupid Milwaukee. Stupid somewheresville Michigan.

But Ohio!! That's not too far! And! John Mayer!! Guster!!!!!!! Me! Concert! Wheeeeeeeee!!!

Have not run idea passed Mama. Something tells me it will be shot down. Terribly.

She wouldn't even left me go to fucking Aerosmith. Grrrr....

But! Guster!! Me want see Guster! And hello? John Mayer?? Fuck yes!


If only I had a credit card, I would just go. Or if perhaps I had a job already, Mama would let me go. If I had an income other than her, I would pay! I would!!!!!!

Oh, and my friend Peter is trying to IM me, from a cell phone, I think, but I can't receive any of it. Meh.

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